Al Pals Out and About

Posted by Alex Cochran

A lot of people may wonder why we decided to take on the task of starting our own business....especially during the era of Covid!  While it's true we want to be considered "successful", our view of success looks a little different.  We were able to participate in a local dog event this past weekend and, despite the rain, had a chance to meet lots of new people.  This enables Alex (aka Al Pals) to get out be able to use his social skills.  As parents, we want him to be able to excel in areas that he can and our business is designed to help with that.  While we appreciate every customer and every sale, our weekend was a success because we got to be out and about and let Alex shine.  Thanks so much for letting us be your source for pet treats and toys.  Thanks

Brent. AKA Dad


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