Limited Ingredient Treats

Here at Al's Pals, we want to provide not only delicious treats for your pets...but healthy one's as well.  That's why all of our treats are made and sourced in the USA and made with limited ingredients.

Why is a limited ingredient treat better?  

    1. They are packed with nutrients.  Limited ingredient treats are required to have the same proper balance of protein, fat, and carbs, as well as vitamins and minerals, making for a much healthier alternative.
    2. They are lower in calorie.  Limited ingredients treats have all the great taste WITHOUT all of the bulk and filler's that just give calories.
    3. They decrease the likelihood of allergies.  Less ingredients means less things for your pet to react to. 
    4. They make YOU feel good.  You love your pets and for most, it's great comfort knowing you are giving them the best!

We are proud to provide only the best, healthy treats avaliable.


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