Spring Ideas for you and your dog!

It is finally time to shed those winter coats (hopefully!) and get out and enjoy the warmer weather.   Spring always brings out everything new and here's some great ideas for you to enjoy with your pups!

1.  Get out in the yard and play.  It's great exercise for your dog AND for you too.  Play fetch, tug of war, or our dogs' favorite....just run around.

2.  Take regular walks.  Again, it's great exercise for you and for your dog.  It allows your dog to expel some excess energy and will make them calmer.  It also great for socialization as well.

3.  Make an appointment with your Groomer.  Dogs need to get rid of that winter coat.   Regular grooming will help cut down on shedding plus what dog doesn't like to be pampered.  Many groomer's now offer a "spa" like experience.  

4.  Find a local dog park.  Great for some off leash fun.   Great for socialization and again helps keep your pup active.  Just Google for local dog parks in your area.  

5.  Take a weekend trip.   Pet friendly of course.  Many hotels allow pets and you will find lots of fun activities that you can do with your pet too.  Hiking and swimming are some great activities.  

6.  Shop for new products at Al's Pals.   We just couldn't let that go by.  We have lots of new, fun and tasty products for your pet.   Check out our website today.  

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