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Covid-19 prevention policy.

We know that these are some very uncertain times that we live in and everyone is concerned about protecting themselves....we share in that concern as well.   Alex (Al Pals) is in what is considered a high risk category so we are trying to be extra careful.   Here are the steps that we are taking to protect our customers.

1.  We as a family,  are staying out of public places as much as possible.  

2.  We are a family run business, so we have no outside people in the areas where our business is conducted.

3.  We are constantly cleaning our work areas and washing our hands.  

4.  All products are being wiped down before they are put into our general stock area.

5.  All products shipped outside of our local area are only shipped thru UPS or USPS.

6.  If you live in our local area where we deliver in person, we doing "no contact delivery".  Packages are left in a secure area and the customer is contacted to tell them products have been delivered.

We, like everybody else, are anxious for this whole situation to be over but we recognize it will take a while.   Right now the best thing for everyone is to stay at home as much as possible.  That's what makes a business like ours vital.  Not only are you supporting a family owned, special needs focused business, but you are taking care of your furry family members in a community friendly way.   

Thanks for all your support and keep smiling....we will get through this.